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The Perfect Recipe For Your Chronic Fatigue!

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These issues can be expelled with a basic readiness. All you need is garlic and custom made red wine!

This impeccable formula for your interminable exhaustion will help you purge your blood by expelling abundance fat and salt from your body and the digestion.


  • 12 cloves garlic
  • Half a liter of red wine (preferably homemade)


Clean the garlic cloves. At that point, cut them into quarters and place them in a container. Include a large portion of a liter of red wine and close the container firmly. Keep it on a sunny and brilliant place for around two weeks. Shake the jug every day to blend the fixings. Strain the substance of the jug following two weeks and place it in a glass bottle.

Take 1 teaspoon of the blend three times each day for one month.


Be cautious! This is an intense drink for cleaning and reinforcing your blood. You should utilize it with a crevice of six months between the two medicines!

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