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Seven Tips From A Buddhist Monk To Clean Your Home

Life is an endless cycle of learning and today we want to give you the laws or advice that the Buddhist monk has given us for our well-being.

It is no secret that the monks are people of supreme wisdom who dedicate their lives to the well-being, peace, and harmony of others.

They comment that the art of having our home with good energy, a good vibe, among others lies in simple laws that we must follow as family members.

And the most important of all is that everyone should apply it so that the same rhythm flows between each of the individuals on the team.


“Those who do not care for objects, do not care for people”.This means that even the smallest object or the most economic took a lot of work and we must take good care of it and value it.

2 We should be grateful for the things that were once useful. In a nutshell, whether we are old we should take care of it or else give it to someone else.

3 If we start in silence, surrounded by calm, when vegetation and people around still sleep, our heart will feel at peace, and our mind, clear.We know that this is a bit deep but it is summarized in that it is better to clean the first hour, because before bed is our moment of rest or to do small things like to order what the next day will be arranged.

4 We must open the windows and let the air circulate throughout the house before cleaning. When we clean, we do not only eliminate the bad energy but also remove them somewhere, so it is advisable to open windows.

5 Do not leave dirty dishes or waste at night. Every dirty dish should be washed and discarded food remains in this way the flow of the home is maintained.

6 When you are cleaning think only about the task you are doing at the moment.  Do not wander in your mind but focus on what you do so you will perform better.

7 Always divide the cleaning with the rest of the family members. This will make everyone value the work of their families and work as a team at all times.

Share this law with all those you know and enjoy a new lifestyle.

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