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No More Wasting Your Money: Learn How To Refresh Or Dye Your Hair Without Hair Dye Or Any Other Harmful Chemicals!

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If you want a glossy hair, all you have to do is blend one egg, one tablespoon of olive oil and one tablespoon of honey and apply this paste on a wet hair as well as using this mix you require to gently rub your scalp. Next thing you have to do is cover your head with a shower cap or towel and let it sit like that for about 20-30 minutes then clean your hair as you typically do. Simply ensure that you use some moderate shampoo and warm water.

This incredible honey and cinnamon mixture will lighten your hair for a few shades. All you need to do is take a plastic container, and in it you have to blend 2 tablespoons of hair conditioner, 4 tablespoons of cinnamon powder and 3 tablespoons of honey. Next thing you require to do is mix perfectly all the ingredients until you get a homogeneous mix. Then you have to apply this mixture on a moist hair and lastly you require to comb your hair.

When you are done, you have to cover the hair with cling wrap and leave it to remain like that for about 2 to 3 hours, then wash it with a shampoo. The longer you hold the product on and the more you duplicate the process, the result will be more visible.

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