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I Put This in the Corners of my House and the Next Morning All Cockroaches Were Dead!

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A lot of people often complain of having too many cockroaches at home, especially in the summer. The truth is that they’re disgusting and no one likes being near them. To make things worse, they can also transmit a lot of illnesses. When it comes to how they can be removed, there are a lot of store-bought products, however, most of these products contain harmful chemicals and are very expensive.

What’s more, they’re only a short-term solution to this problem. So, the question is how to remove cockroaches completely and how to achieve this without exposing ourselves to chemicals and without spending too much money? Don’t worry; we’ve prepared a very efficient method which will make all cockroaches go away! Let’s take a look:

Borax & Sugar

Borax dehydrates the exoskeleton of insects and also damages their digestive system which results in their death. You need to add sugar since cockroaches are attracted by the sweetness and this will ease the process of luring them to the borax.

You will need to combine borax and sugar in 3:1 ratio and then spread the mixture where you usually notice cockroaches. Don’t forget to put on gloves while doing this. Do this at night and the next morning, you will notice dead cockroaches. Clean the mess thoroughly and repeat the same procedure after a couple of days.

You can use baking soda instead of borax.

Important to note: Don’t use this insect repellent if you have small children or pets.

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