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Chia Water With Lemon To Eliminate The Accumulated Fat And Cleanse The Body In Just Three Days. In This Way You Must Prepare It So That You Have Better Results

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It is normal that you question the veracity of the title of this article, chia water, and lemon to lose weight? Today we tell you how these ingredients will help you lose more kilos.

Not only does it eliminate fats, but it purifies the organism of what is indispensable and has already fulfilled its function in our body, things that are maintained in our body and need to be expelled.

The chia being submerged in the water, becomes gelatinous, which causes a satiety effect when consuming it, its properties, such as iron, calcium, fibers, and proteins that nourish the body at the time of a diet, on the other hand, the lemon, has a high content of vitamin C that contributes to the cleansing of the organism.

Lemon and chia are effective as both are detoxifying elements, and contribute to weight loss, all in a natural and economic way, so do not hesitate to try this recipe, take note.

Drink to lose weight

This drink should be taken in the morning fasting, as soon as you wake up, this will begin to take effect from the beginning of the day, this way you will start your daily routine implementing this effective remedy without wasting time.

You will need to:

-The juice of 1 lemon.
-1 Tablespoon of chia seeds
-300 ml. Of filtered water.
-Honey to taste.


You must dip the chia seeds in the water part (100 ml). this water with seeds must stand at least one hour, after this time the seeds will be taking the gelatinous consistency, after this time the lemon juice is added, to then add the rest of the water. You must beat the mixture for a few seconds, and sweeten it with the honey, according to your taste, and you must take it on an empty stomach upon awakening.

This drink also works as a diuretic, since it eliminates constipation, these ingredients also fight free radicals in this way it fights the signs of aging, slowing them down.

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