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7 Types of Bumps and Blemishes You Should Never Try To Pop

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Skin is the sensitive part of the human body. It has sensitive cells. Beneath the skin, there are pain receptors. Because of some allergy or using huge amount of medicine human skin, face problems like bumps and blemishes on your body or face. Prod a small ball call pimple can damage your skin apparently. It will make holes on your skin. The bumps and blemishes required time it will get better 3 to 7 days a week.

According to the dermatologist and cosmetics surgeon, make your skin flawless do not pop up the bumps and blemishes at your own risk. They will cause a serious and deep wound that make or look your skin ugly. If it seems very ugly then visit a doctor to consult him about your problem. Majorly it required medication, which stops the budding of the germs and bacteria. Mostly these bacteria attack the face, chest, shoulder, and cheeks.


To avoid such water balls or bumps do not use creams of sun block that contains thick layer to apply on your face. This thick layer blocks the passage of air and extra waste salty water to expel out from the skin. It also blocks the pores. Use moisturizer creams and oil that give nourishment to the face skin. To make it flawless, free from acne and dark circles wash it regularly.

Bumps and blemishes are the small balls contain pus. They are inflammation caused by the bacteria. The most common bumps are pustules. It carries the bacteria that cause dark acne and red spot inflammation into a red spot on the skin. Later on in on one-week time, it turns into Whitehead. There are some steps in the lifespan of these kinds of bumps to recover. You can treat it under the light of your doctor’s recommendation.

Here are some mentioned bumps and blemishes a person should not touch before it burst out. It is the easy way to control their growth.



The bumps grow in the hair area are difficult to handle. These ingrown bumps start growing inside instead of start growing outside the skin. Inside growth of skin, not big or serious matter but it irritates the person. Skin picking with tweezers or any other instrument is danger. This picking up of skin causes inflammation of the skin. It turns into red spots, swelling, or cause damage to other parts of the skin. We can control this hair growth with medication. Medicines like hydrocortisone and other anti bacterial ornament remove the hair from the area. It will make the skin surface clean, remove red color bumps, swelling, and pus inside the balls. The main cause of such problem is the people who have curly hairs. When people reach to the puberty period both girl and boy, they release the excess of growth hormones that will cause hair growth. The rate of hairs is a bit higher in man.


A girl wants to impress anybody. You are going to your first date. Tomorrow you are going to party but the cold sores make you ugly do not try to pull them off. They contain the bacteria that pass on their germs to the other areas of the surface. They will cause other cold sores. These sores caused by herpes virus.

Herpes virus can send their germs from one area of the body to another party. Mostly they transfer their bacteria through simply touching them. If these cold sores are irritating you more and more see a doctor or dermatologist immediately. Few days the person who is suffering from cold sore avoids interacting with people. This can stop the spread of this virus to the healthy people.



Milia are the white heads that contain a hard covering. The main thing about milia is they cannot burst with the help of two fingers. They do not contain any white liquid call pus or any dirt. These are hard and without the help of dermatologist, it cannot be pop up.

If you try with your fingers to popping up it will cause redness, swelling, irritate skin and cause inflammation of that area. It contains only oil and grime inside the skin. It will treat with the help of dermatologist with medical help.People usually ignore milia because they are small, tiny dots like thing, appearing on the skin. It mostly appears on the area of nose and cheeks. Burn and sunburn also give to cause such problems.


It is the most common disease that attacks the adults and younger people. It is the skin disorder. It mainly shows symptoms like the chicken skin. Small, tiny ball like structure that covers whole area of the body or face. It can transfer from parents to their off spring.

The people who are suffering from keratosis pilaris will need regular maintenance of the therapy they been assigned by the dermatologist. If anybody trying to squeeze these ball likes structure will cause redness, swelling and required more effort to do that work.

Without using your hand, use chemical like salicylic acid or glycol acid to control the inflammation of keratosis pilaris. If it does not work at all then it is now important to visit or consult a dermatologist.



Cystic acne is the most irritated bumps. It cannot treat manually with two hands. If it burst then it will leave mark on your skin that cannot be hidden with any makeup. This occurs deep in the skin. If somebody wants to find the end point or growing end of this cystic acne you cannot find it because it grows really deep in the skin. It appears as red color spot but grown inside the skin instead of outburst. The people get irritated. It will cause swelling and inflammation. They are difficult to treat at home with homemade remedies.


If those spots take long time to recover then consult a family doctor or specialist to treat you better with medications and give you precautionary measures. Women can treat it with oral antibiotic, limit the amount of taking birth control pills. Stress is the cause of such issues.


Other important and the common issue of the girl’s are blackheads. Blackheads are just like the Whitehead. It has oil and deep pores. These deep pores when exposed to air it absorbs dirt and dust particle from the air.

They are the dark spots spread all on the skin. Blackheads cannot inflammation, swell, or hurt but it creates acne around the nose. The area around the nose became dark in color.

Our skin produces too much oil. The bacteria on our skin can also give in blackheads formation. Our skin produces hair follicles. By producing the excess of hair follicles will give toward the appearance blackheads. During drug addiction, pills taking, menstruation will also contribute to produce blackheads.


Black heads are treating with the help of chemicals, medicines, and with homemade remedies. The latest technology is laser light treatment.


What are the white heads? Whitehead is the small pores; contain oil, bacteria, and skin cells. Whitehead blocks the airs or essential substance by the dead skin. They are the tiny swell ball which does not require hands to squeeze them. If you attempt to press in between your two-finger it will burst out and spread to the other part of the body. So using hand to treat them is not a good idea. It also looks ugly and damages your skin.

Clay mask is one of the options to treat Whitehead. Apply the clay will absorb the extra oil and remove the dry skin at the upper layer of the body. Use thin layer of cream. Twice at night, do cleansing at night. Avoid applying sun block they block the air. It can also repair by its own. Your body produces such chemical which fights against the bacteria of Whitehead and stops its growth itself. If you stop or avoid using extra, moisturizer cream or make up this will also help the women to drop the chances that blackheads occur again.

Every girl wants to look pretty and beautiful. They demand flawless and spotless skin. To make their skin perfect they apply or suffer from different skin treatment processes. Naturally, the skin of one person is different from other. Some people have sensitive skin that does not resist such treatment. Some people have the tendency to bear such difficulty or risky treatment.

By applying too much makeup will damage your skin tissues. The cosmetic product carries many harmful or bacteria products. It can damage your skin deep inside. This is the wrong way to treat a pimple with their hands. By squeezing it with both hands will cause redness, swelling and sometimes bleeding.

The diet plan people usually follow, thread to the freshness of the skin. People who eat junk food or spicy food will face serious skin, heath, and infections issues. Without prescription of a dermatologist or any doctor, do not apply or use any medicine. Because every pimple has its own problem. Some are only treating with the time. Some are treating with heavy medication and therapy. Few of them can treat with intensive care and proper medication.

The pimples contain bacteria that will spread from one part to another part, from one person to the other person. Some people sustain or persistently occurring or running in their families for a long time. Medicine contains anti-bacterial agent will act and cure the problem in the given period.

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